Mediumship Readings

   After facilitating my 87th Petal Process session with a client, I had an Epiphany! Did I create The Petal Process so that I, myself could release and let go of my OWN self limiting beliefs and fully come out of the closet as a Spiritual Medium!?


   Beloved author Richard Bach said “You teach best what you most need to learn”.

   Since the age of 9 I have known that I was blessed with the sacred gift of clairvoyance and had suppressed it ever since. Realizing that not everyone saw the way I did made me feel different and insecure. Plus, overhearing my grandmother whisper to my mother “she has ESP”, I thought it was a disease!

   Through a lifetime of not speaking about these gifts and suppressing them combined with pockets of childhood trauma, my body manifested tumors. From the age of 16 through 29, I had 3 ovarian tumors, 5 abdominal surgeries and TWO babies! Our first miracle baby was conceived while I only had half of an ovary left and our second miracle baby was conceived with only a quarter of my ovary left. In between my daughter’s births and during my fourth surgery, an antibiotic was administered to me that I am deathly allergic to.

   During that surgery I went into cardiac arrest and my body ballooned like the Michelin Man. I did not have a near death experience but that traumatic event did help to reignite my dormant gifts of seeing and connecting with Spirit. While in recovery, I saw the man that died in the home of my husband’s parent’s house we were living in at the time. I described his clothing, the way he walked and was shown that my husband found this ailing gentleman, scooped him up to carry him inside the house just inside the doorway. When I told my husband about this dream, he told me who it was and how when he was young, he was the one that discovered this man had died in his sleep, in his favorite chair, just inside the doorway.

   That was many years ago. I had a lot of work to do to fully embrace and learn about these sacred, God given gifts. I am so grateful to have had amazing teachers like James Van Praagh, Lynn Probert, Alice Inoue and Jennifer O’Neil. Now, I know deep in my heart and soul that these gifts are to be used as a conduit of Divine communication, connecting soul to soul.

   I have been “out of the closet” as Spiritual Medium for some time now and you know what? These gifts are like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes!

   It is an honor to connect with Spirit, to connect those who have lost their loved ones (including pets!) and deliver heart healing messages to bring some peace, healing and a remembrance of everlasting love.

   That is how I connect, through the vibration of love.


•30 minute Mediumship Reading  – by phone or Skype  – $80

•60 minute Mediumship Reading  – in person, phone or Skype  – $125

•Available for intimate, group readings  – please inquire for details and pricing

Keao is an incredibly gifted intuitive. She is not only compassionate, but has a way of relaying information to you in the form of practical advice. I have been working with Keao for a while now and I highly respect her not only as a colleague, but as someone who I seek guidance for myself when needed. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!

Jennifer O’Neill, CEO & Owner of Limitless Publishing, Author & Spiritual Teacher

Keao has been an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement to me in times in my life where I really needed some extra special assistance. I received useful, concrete information that I could put to use in my life right away. I have had the privilege of receiving a few readings from Keao and I witnessed first hand her gift of connecting with our loved one’s spirits. I highly recommend anyone take advantage of Keao’s unique skills as a medium.

Pamela Homan, Graphic Artist, Hay House Inc.

I lost my 26 year old son to Cancer on Nov. 6th 2014. Months after his passing, I connected with Keao. I will never forget that moment when she told me that Brandon had come to her and wanted me to know he was fine and happy!  During our conversation, my son came through and showed Keao an Orangutan. We both laughed and thought that was a bit strange! Then I remembered our trip to the zoo. During his time of battling and going through treatments, my son and I were able to take many day trips. Our trip to the zoo was a happy, wonderful day. We stood and watched the Orangutans for a long time. This was his way of showing us he wanted us to feel that joy again.  Later, I was looking at pictures on his phone and found that he had taken several pictures of the Orangutans that day! She was able to validate and tell me many other things that have brought me more peace and comfort than she will ever know! Her gift was able to give me my greatest gift!! Giving me that confirmation that he is still with me and is happy and at peace with no more pain.

Wendi Williams

I felt like it was a good idea to hire a medium to help with me and my children’s grief from the death of their father and Keao came highly recommended. I was a bit nervous to contact her, but I finally did and it was the best thing I could have done for myself and the kids.
   I first had a session by myself with Keao and I was amazed by the amount of information that came through. She gave details and made references that she had no way of getting that information from anywhere. She told me things about my ex-husband that only I knew. My reading left me feeling so good that I decided to schedule another appointment for my teenage children.
   The session with my children went so well. He sent messages to my daughter about her life that I wasn’t even aware of, reassuring her that he knew what was going on. He  gave both kids advice, he apologized to them and told them how much he loves them. My kids felt their dad was very present during our reading.

   If I had to use one word to define the experience with using Keao as a medium it would be that the session was very HEALING for all of us.


Keao was able to connect with my son so beautifully and provide verification that she was talking with my son’s spirit. She brought  light in my life during this difficult time. Thank you Keao for being so compassionate and sharing your gift with me.


I had some concerns with one of my best friends, my fishing partner, my golf partner – my brother who passed away. I have never heard of a reading, never done anything like this before and was extremely skeptical about it. I had never considered anything like this before but because you came so highly recommended, I reached out.
   You not only connected with my brother, you were able to connect with one my best dogs too! During the reading you gave me, you said some things that only I knew and my brother knew. There was no way you could have known about details you saw about my dog, the bells I put on him and memories about my brother and I.
   This reading was phenomenal, off the scale! I am now a true believer in you and a true believer in what you do.
   Thank you very much for this reading. I am very much at peace with a lot of things now.