Pet Connections

  Whether you are looking for a more meaningful connection with your beloved pet, a deeper understanding of their behavior and needs or are in the process of grieving, a Pet Connection reading can be very healing for you and your whole family and a great way to connect with your pets!

Gift yourself or a loved one, a heart warming experience of a Pet Reading!

30 minute Reading  – $80   –> Pay via PayPal or Venmo @thankyoukeao

•60 minute Reading  – $150   –> Pay via PayPal or Venmo @thankyoukeao

All readings are facilitated over the phone or through Zoom. For in person reading requests, please use contact form.



   Keao Rocks! One session with Keao literally shifted our relationship with our dog Cali. Our love and affection for Cali has grown even deeper. We learned how much she was grieving the loss of our dog Bodhi and what we can say to Cali to support her. She is such an independent dog and rarely seems to want affection, yet we learned from Keao that she wants it, in fact she craves it. So, we have been showering her with affection and she is receiving it like never before. We followed several more suggestions Keao made for Cali and our other dog Saint and all have been very positive for all of us.
   Thank you so much, Keao. You are a wonderful resource to enhance our relationship with our beloved pets.
Kim Ward & Hilary Stokes


   Keao is an amazing animal communicator! I have to share this story with you that explains how I came to find out. We had just moved into a new house, with a big yard that backed up to a nature reserve. Our dogs were thrilled with their new surroundings and spent a lot of time exploring outside! I was so happy for them. Until one day when our 80lb pitbull mutt started acting really strange and wouldn’t leave my side. He would sit and cry in front of me if I was sitting in a single seat, until I would move to the couch so he could sit next to and be touching me, and he wouldn’t go outside alone. This behavior lasted for a week. I got so concerned I reached out to Keao to see if she could tell me what on earth was going on with him! 
   Keao tuned in and immediately got a rapid heart rate and felt his feeling of fear in her own body. She said he was showing her the pattern of a rattle snake and that he was protecting our smaller dog and was very shook up by this encounter.
   Little did we know until that next week that our gardener had killed a 5 foot rattle snake at the corner of our house and neglected to tell us about it! 
   Keao said we needed to tell our dog that he was safe, acknowledge his bravery and let him know we were putting in a snake proof fence and he didn’t have to be afraid. Both me and my husband sat down and had a literal conversation with our dog! Something I thought my husband would never do. Within two days after talking to our our dog, he was totally back to his old self! Amazing! 
   This is only one story I have about Keao’s ability to connect with my dogs to find out exactly what is going on with them. I appreciate this valuable gift and advice on how to address their needs. 


   I experienced the privilege of an in person reading. From the onset of the session, I noticed how incredibly accurate Keao was. As she was channeling, I could deeply feel the love my beloved Benji has for me. He intensely stared into my eyes during the session! I have never felt so much love. It consumed me. It’s as if he took the opportunity to communicate with me. He told me of all the things he loves to do, places he loves to go, all the food he loves to eat and he even showed Keao his neighbor doggy friend who has passed away. 
   I was ecstatic to finally be able to communicate with my Benji! It’s something I’ve always wished I could do. I highly recommend a reading! Your heart will be filled in so many ways!


   Mahalo, Keao, for helping our beloved kitty cat, Pu’u, to feel safe and comfortable…because of your loving intuitive connection with these sentient beings like, Pu’u, you are able to relay to us what her needs are.
   She is just one of the many non-human loved ones who you have assisted in our ‘ohana.
   Knowing what their wishes are, helps us to be better caregivers therefore creating happiness, harmony and peace in our family. Thank you, “sentient whisperer” for your love, compassion and kindness.
Ger & Arna


   Keao is a loving, gifted medium and healer. I asked Keao for help connecting with our beloved cat, Moochie because I was having such a difficult time accepting his loss. Moochie was able to communicate his unique personality to Keao, sharing many of the ways we would connect while he was here with us. More importantly, he clearly shared the loving relationship we had and his gratitude for our time together. Although I still miss his physical presence and companionship, I am comforted to know that Moochie came into our lives with a purpose and is very proud of his role in our family. Toward the end of the reading, Moochie showed Keao an image of reading. I knew without a doubt that our sweet cat was showing me he was still with me – each night he would sit on my lap in bed while I read until I was ready to go to sleep! It was an important ritual in our relationship that he was verifying. My session with Keao helped me move through the grieving process and gave me hope. I feel so honored and grateful to have spoken with Keao and benefited from her special gift. Thank you so much, Keao! 


   Keao is a gifted medium who was on Monica the Medium TV show with me. She has amazing mediumship skills with pets. Keao was able to connect me with my dog Kiska, who passed over a decade ago. She was also able to communicate with Melody, my current rescue dog to confirm: her age, the kind of life she had before us and that she was still missing her baby. I am so grateful. This reading really helped me to bond with my new family member.


   Our reading was so beneficial to all the family. We were able to let go and release any feelings of guilt we had of our dog’s passing.