The Petal Process™

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   The Petal Process™ energy healing sessions and workshops are intuitive, transformational experiences of letting go from head to toe and blossoming open to your highest potential. The Petal Process™ is designed to help you release and let go of emotional pain, self limiting beliefs, fears of moving forward and not feeling connected.

   The beauty of The Petal Process™ energy healing workshops and personal sessions meet your highest needs wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

   During the facilitation of a one on one The Petal Process™ energy healing session, I use my gifts of vision to connect with you and guide you through your own body, mind & soul healing experience of letting go from head to toe. You will receive personal messages during your session and you can expect me to be so present with you seeing where there may be “blocks” in your energy as you are guided to release them. I want you to know you already have what you need, I’m here to help you cultivate and rediscover your own path to clarity, renewed joy and purpose. Let’s grow!

   All energy healing sessions are facilitated with the utmost care and compassion.


•1 on 1 Petal Process personal session – in person locations: Global Heart Sanctuary in Solana Beach or beautiful garden setting in North San Diego County – also available via Skype – 90 minutes – $197

•Group Petal Process Experience – please inquire for details, availability and fees

•Petal Process Package – a 90 day deep personal journey through each chakra – 6 sessions – $1097


I felt deeply seen, nurtured and reconnected to my heart, body and soul. I came away with tips and tools to continue the unfolding on my own.

Charlotte Backman, Mandala Artist, Healer

I had my first Petal Process experience almost one week ago and I am still basking in the afterglow!  The understandings and realizations in my life, both during and since my session, have been profound and I feel like they have opened me up to so much magic and possibility in my life!  Keao holds such a deep, loving, nurturing and fun space. Her insights into my past were intriguingly accurate – she’s such a gifted seer, yet she shared this gift with a gentleness that made me feel completely safe while I explored my wounding and found my personal pathways to healing and freedom.  This is a powerful healing modality and I am loving the continued growth in my life which resulted from this work.

Dr. Kulvinder (McVitti) Kaur Phil, Genome Scientist, University of Oxford

The personal transformation and healing that I received from the Petal Process™ was like nothing I’ve experienced before. I have spent years on my self -development and spiritual growth, so I thought I’d probably seen it all. But in the most present, insightful and gentle way Keao guided me through a process that I can only describe as, working through, releasing and healing a lifetime of things that were no longer serving me, all in less time than a mani -pedi, or massage. It was like pampering for the soul! Going into it I must admit I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to work on a bunch of heavy inner stuff, I was already overwhelmed and stressed out. Sometimes I just want to feel light and grounded! The Petal Process gave me that experience, and along with this gently guided gift, I also received some beautiful personal messages that would help to assist me with a very difficult project I had in front of me. Keao definitely has the gift of sight (something I’ve also been very skeptical about in the past). She saw things that were very pertinent and meaningful to me, but outside of my personal reading, she could also see what I needed at each stage of the transformation process and was right there with me. I would do it again just to feel that light, clean and calm again. And to have someone that present with me. In one word it was enlightening.

Tia Kelly, Life Coach and Creator of Epic Life Maps

I had the incredible pleasure of enjoying a Petal Process session with Keao.  The whole experience was absolutely beautiful and transformative. I felt as though I’d been cocooned in a bundle of unconditional supportive love helping me heal and move toward my most authentic self.  Keao is a true spiritual master. Her ability to lovingly guide while providing a safe and sacred space was healing in itself. Combine that with her beautiful Petal Process and master abilities to connect to Spirit and you have a life transforming experience.  Keao is a true blessing on this planet and I HIGHLY encourage you to book a session with her today!
Christina Courtney, Intuitive Artist
I am incredibly grateful for the synchronistic events that enabled me to meet Keao and experience her Petal Process firsthand. Keao is a gifted, intuitive healer whose warmth and loving energy envelopes you immediately.  She led me on a beautiful, energetic journey which allowed me to release years of limiting beliefs and heal my soul. What happened during our session together was absolutely life changing. I highly recommend you gift yourself a transformative session with Keao. Your heart and soul will thank you!
Kelly Weaver
People love gifting Petal Process™ sessions! 

I was gifted a “Petal Process” session with Keao by a dear friend. I had no idea what to expect but knew that since it came through a wonderful friend, I would be grateful for whatever insights she helped me to receive. What a beautiful gift this turned out to be! I felt so energized by the session and received lots of beautiful, loving support. I also learned some valuable tools I can use to help me to detach and let go from things that no longer serve my greatest good. I hope everyone can have a chance to experience this process with Keao. It is invaluable and I am so very grateful!

Christy, Art Director, Hay House