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Having worked with animal communicators from all over the country, Keao, I must tell you that you are without question the most gifted, most talented communicator I have ever worked with. Your kind, gentle, compassionate nature fosters calm and clarity in my family of Portuguese Water Dogs and me as we work through serious problems.

Your gifts are unparalleled. When we asked my 17 year old if the supplements and medicines were helping her, she said “Yes, especially the tincture the vet made for me last week,” I almost fell out of my chair! Another time, when I returned from a business trip and wanted to know how they liked our new sitter, Elle told you I had been gone for 8 days! Even you were shocked she knew it had been 8 days!

For all of this and so much more, Keao, I am daily filled with gratitude for having you in our lives. Your loving way, your deep sensitivity, your kind and generous spirit are such precious gifts to me and my family. You’ve helped us maintain a stable, mellow household because we all know and understand each others’ wants and needs. I highly recommend that anyone who loves their animals and wants the very best for them, work with Keao! She is the best!! 

- L. Grey

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Meeting Keao was more than I had expected.  I heard her on a podcast with Monica the Medium and thought I would connect with her to find out if she could communicate with my three huskies.  While they are very vocal, I wasn’t sure I was hearing what they were trying to tell me.  I was completely blown away at the things Keao had to say and so was my very skeptical roommate!  When she told me that my oldest husky was having teeth problems, I was concerned.  But the annual trip to the vet confirmed that she did indeed need some dental work and having one tooth extracted.  Apparently, she had been having some pain and in her own way had been trying to communicate that to me but only Keao was able to hear her.  Thank you Keao for giving me the message my girl needed me to hear to make her better.  Knowing what’s important to the dogs has meant the world to me.  We’re all a much happier pack because of you! 

- Conni

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Before reading Monica’s dogs: “I’m a little skeptical” After reading: “So Amazing! You are so called to do this work!”

- Monica the Medium

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Although I have worked with many clairvoyants, channels and psychics over the years, I am still a skeptic at heart. That is, until I come across the real thing. Then I can fully surrender to the message. Keao is definitely the real thing!  She is a beautiful, loving and gifted presence.  I highly recommend sharing time with her. What she communicates is not only consistently accurate, it is healing on so many levels. Without exception, every reading has deeply touched my heart, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Keao!

– Bobby Edelson

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I couldn't wait to write this testimonial after my session with Keao. I was worried about my ill,14 year old cat and was seeking another insight on how best to help him. Within the first two minutes Keao pinpointed exactly what we suspected was wrong and how to go about helping Spanky.   Before the session I wrote down a list of questions but Keao answered most of them before I even had a chance to ask!  It was a truly amazing experience giving me hope and peace. I couldn't have asked or hoped for a better experience.  

- Vicki Rawlings

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I have done readings in the past but this pet connection was so special because I could really feel George’s heart. These animals have such pure hearts and their love is so beautiful, to feel it for me, just made tears of love flow. We are all happier and more aware of each other’s feelings. You are truly amazing and please keep sharing messages that our animals friends are trying to tell us. 

- Heidi

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For 15 years Samantha guided my step as my service dog and for fifteen years she reshaped and transformed my heart.  At 13 years old her eyes longed to speak and I needed desperately to hear her voice.  Keao created the communication with Sam that I had longed to hear.  I was aghast hearing Sam’s thoughts, desires, requests and quips that made us chuckle.  As Sam declined it was critical to hear her voice and Keao communicated Sam’s every wish.  Sam’s departure was crushing – I was rubble trying to put my life back together.  Sam was my guide, buddy and companion for 15 years.  I cried every day, there was a hole in my life and I felt a sense of guilt.  I connected with Sam again with Keao’s help four months after she passed.  Sam’s message was one of excitement and joy.  Sam expressed her gratitude for her life and for the 15th birthday party before her passing.   Lastly, Sam cleared all the guilty feelings I had felt which was a huge weight off my shoulders.  I can sleep again, I can smile when I think of Sam and all the pain I felt is gone!  Keao, your kindness, love, and gentle delivery of Sam’s message freed me – I will forever be grateful – With a heart full of joy & love.

- Mark

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My cat, Girly, went missing early July. I was devastated and didn’t even know where to start. I thought about Monica the Medium’s Podcast and the episode with a Medium who communicated with pets- Keao.  

I was amazed by Keao's talent and compassion and my heart told me I had to get in touch with her. Immediately after connecting with her through Zoom, a sense of calm came over me. All of a sudden, she said she started smelling vanilla. That is the only scent I have in my house! It was just the validation I needed to know she was talking to Girly.

After giving details of Girly’s personality and markings, Keao then told me that she saw Girly 2 houses down, to the right. I was stunned she could be so specific. Obviously I immediately went there and asked if they had ever seen my cat to which at that time they hadn't.  Two months went by with no word from anyone in my neighborhood and I almost lost hope.  All of a sudden, almost exactly 2 months to the day she went missing, my neighbor, 2 HOUSES DOWN TO THE RIGHT texted me to say they found my cat! 

The connection Keao has with animals is undeniable. Her gift is beyond words and has given me so much healing in my life.  Not only does she connect with your pet, but she really cares.  Since then, she's checked up on us to see how we are and is so genuinely ecstatic that we were reunited. I’ve been to many intuitives and mediums, and no one has been as specific and spot on as Keao. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazing abilities. She has helped me heal in so many ways.  I recommend Keao to everyone.  She has been such a blessing in our lives. 

- Mariel

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I am so very grateful for Keao sharing her amazing gift with me and my pup! I’m a first time puppy mom and Angel came to me very sick. I had so many questions and concerns. Keao did such a beautiful job of not only connecting to Angel and giving me so much helpful information, but she also helped to reassure me and put me at ease about everything. Now a week after the reading we’ve implemented several of the things we discussed during our session and Angel is happier than ever and we’re both adjusting wonderfully to the changes. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful gift with the world! Highly recommended!!   

- Christina Courtney

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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my Granddog Greyson. I have been feeling for some time now that he is trying to communicate. Being in quarantine with him has brought us so very close. Your accuracy about his past with my son was so interesting to hear from Greysons prospective. You truly are gifted, and I thank you so much.  

- Mayra Rath

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I contacted Keao to get some insight on how my fur baby Gizmo was doing and what areas we could improve on to make him comfortable. He's been having a difficult time with his health lately and I was wondering if Keao would be able to pick up on any of them.... I was completely taken back at the specifics she got into from his eyes to his left ventricle of his heart! To say she left me completely speechless is an understatement. Thank you Keao for sharing your gift with us! You honestly don't know how much peace it brought me knowing Gizmo is happy and appreciates what we're doing for him.

- Dianna

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I never thought I could get more connected to my animals until we met you! Thanks to you, Cappy, our rescued boy, transformed after I started telling him, “You are safe with us and you will always have a home with us.” And that first session we had with you after Gabbs died, helped me find some footing in the deepest grief of my life. All  the evidence you gave, we knew it was our beloved boy. Love you so much Keao.

- Dawn

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I cannot believe how special your visit was. You facilitated an absolutely beautiful, never to be forgotten communion with my Beloved pet. Thank you Keao for making this possible. Your beautiful light and spirit blessed our home and it continues to sparkle.

- Ann Gonzales

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We absolutely LOVED the reading! You were so insightful and helpful in communicating deepest needs and feelings. I’m so grateful for the experience and can’t wait to do another again! 

- Kathyrn McCabe

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Connecting with Keao brought a deeper connection to my relationship with my horse. Through Keao, my horse communicated her exact needs, behaviors, health concerns and wishes for a certain trail ride! I am very grateful for Keao’s gifts and happy to have her as a part of Carmilla’s team for her overall wellbeing. 

- Robin

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I just wanted to thank you once again for all of the messages you gave us from Wrigley.  You helped my husband and I with our grief and look at our time with Wrigley in a whole new way. Your gift is so special and I am so thankful that we reached out to you. Thank you again for connecting with our Wrigley, and giving us so many healing messages. 

- Jamie & Doug

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Keao Rocks! One session with Keao literally shifted our relationship with our dog Cali. Our love and affection for Cali has grown even deeper. We learned how much she was grieving the loss of our dog Bodhi and what we can say to Cali to support her. She is such an independent dog and rarely seems to want affection, yet we learned from Keao that she wants it, in fact she craves it. So, we have been showering her with affection and she is receiving it like never before. We followed several more suggestions Keao made for Cali and our other dog Saint and all have been very positive for all of us. Thank you so much, Keao. You are a wonderful resource to enhance our relationship with our beloved pets.

- Kim Ward & Hillary Stokes

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Keao is an amazing animal communicator! I have to share this story with you that explains how I came to find out. We had just moved into a new house, with a big yard that backed up to a nature reserve. Our dogs were thrilled with their new surroundings and spent a lot of time exploring outside! I was so happy for them. Until one day when our 80lb pitbull mutt started acting really strange and wouldn’t leave my side and wouldn’t go outside alone. This behavior lasted for a week. I got so concerned I reached out to Keao to see if she could tell me what on earth was going on with him! Keao tuned in and immediately got a rapid heart rate and felt his feeling of fear in her own body. She said he was showing her the pattern of a rattlesnake and that he was protecting our smaller dog and was very shaken up by this encounter.

Little did we know until that next week that our gardener had killed a 5 foot rattlesnake at the corner of our house and neglected to tell us about it! Keao said we needed to tell our dog that he was safe, acknowledge his bravery and let him know we were putting in a snake proof fence and he didn’t have to be afraid. Both me and my husband sat down and had a literal conversation with our dog! Something I thought my husband would never do. Within two days after talking to our dog, he was totally back to his old self! Amazing!

This is only one story I have about Keao’s ability to connect with my dogs to find out exactly what is going on with them. I appreciate this valuable gift and advice on how to address their needs.

- Tia Kelly

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Keao blew me away again today when she communicated with Lucas. All I can say is, there╩╗s a realm of existence most of us don't see or experience. I was not a believer in anything like this until I met Keao. I will not disclose the details but I will say that she knows things no one could know. It has changed my life. 

- R. Goodkind

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