One Connection Led to Many

Thank you for helping me bring Toby's birthday vision to life! Click below to learn more about Toby's story and to find your pet on Toby's birthday mosaic. 

Happy 18th Birthday, Toby! 🎉

Connecting With Your Pets

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Pet Connection 101 Course

One of the deepest relationships you will experience is with your pets, this course can help you nurture that connection. After connecting with hundreds of pets and animals for my clients, I wanted to feel confident in the ability to connect with my own miracle mutt, Toby. I needed to hear his messages regarding his health (which was later confirmed by his veterinarian). I honestly thought the same way you did, “I can’t connect to my own pets” that’s simply not true. It was my own fear of what 16 year old Toby had to say that prevented me from being fully present and receiving his messages. Once I detached from the outcome of our deeply connected session together, I felt him and heard him clearly. I honestly didn’t know I could feel even more connected with him than I already did. That’s when I created and implemented the SPRL Method. 

First, you need to feel Safe in receiving your pet’s message. Next you must bring yourself to a state of Presence. Then, allow yourself to Receive their message with confidence. The crucial part of this method is to Let Go and detach from the outcome. I couldn’t wait to share this potent 4 step method of connecting with my clients. I’m also sharing it with you. It’s a gift. You’ve been through a lot this year. So has your beloved pets. Sit with them, be with them and feel their illuminating, unconditional love as you connect with them on a deeper level.  This powerful 60 minute course is potent on its own and a great compliment to any other courses you've already taken. 

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I hear this all the time: “I wish I could communicate with my own pets”.

You can and you already are. Being able to validate this during a Pet Connection session is so incredibly rewarding. I have the absolute honor of feeling the connection between you and your pets. They impress upon my heart what they feel on an emotional level as well as physical. 

Now, more than ever we want to feel connected. What’s the quickest way to feel connected? Through the heart. What's the quickest way to get to the heart? Your pets! Also, your babes, your babe and your bestie, yes. But your beloved pets have that always open, unconditional connection of love straight to your heart. I know you would do anything for them. They know this too. 

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I contacted Keao to get some insight on how my fur baby Gizmo was doing and what areas we could improve on to make him comfortable. He's been having a difficult time with his health lately and I was wondering if Keao would be able to pick up on any of them.... I was completely taken back at the specifics she got into from his eyes to his left ventricle of his heart! To say she left me completely speechless is an understatement. Thank you Keao for sharing your gift with us! You honestly don't know how much peace it brought me knowing Gizmo is happy and appreciates what we're doing for him.

Dianna & Gizmo

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Keao Rocks! One session with Keao literally shifted our relationship with our dog Cali. Our love and affection for Cali has grown even deeper. We learned how much she was grieving the loss of our dog Bodhi and what we can say to Cali to support her. She is such an independent dog and rarely seems to want affection, yet we learned from Keao that she wants it, in fact she craves it. So, we have been showering her with affection and she is receiving it like never before. We followed several more suggestions Keao made for Cali and our other dog Saint and all have been very positive for all of us. Thank you so much, Keao. You are a wonderful resource to enhance our relationship with our beloved pets.

Kim Ward & Hillary Stokes

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I couldn't wait to write this testimonial after my session with Keao.  I was worried about my ill 14 year old cat and was seeking another insight on how best to help him. Within the first two minutes Keao pinpointed exactly what we suspected was wrong and how to go about helping Spanky.  Before the session I wrote down a list of questions but Keao answered most of them before I even had a chance to ask!  It was a truly amazing experience giving me hope and peace.  I couldn't have asked or hoped for a better experience.  

Vicki Rawlings

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