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A Gift For You

I hear this all the time:

I wish I could communicate with my own pets”.

You can and you already are. Being able to validate this during a Pet Connection session is so incredibly rewarding. I have the absolute honor of feeling the connection between you and your pets. They impress upon my heart what they feel on an emotional level as well as physical. 

After connecting with hundreds of pets and animals for my clients, I wanted to feel confident in the ability to connect with my own miracle mutt, Toby. I needed to hear his messages regarding his health (which was later confirmed by his veterinarian). I honestly thought the same way you did, “I can’t connect to my own pets” that’s simply not true. It was my own fear of what 16 year old Toby had to say that prevented me from being fully present and receiving his messages. Once I detached from the outcome of our deeply connected session together, I felt him and heard him clearly. I honestly didn’t know I could feel even more connected with him than I already did. I knew I had to share this potent 4 step method to connecting.

Now, more than ever we want to feel connected. What’s the quickest way to feel connected? Through the heart. What's the quickest way to get to the heart? Your pets! Also, your babes, your babe and your bestie, yes. But your beloved pets have that always open, unconditional connection of love straight to your heart. I know you would do anything for them. They know this too. 

Do you know what else they know? Do you know what they want? Do you want to feel a deeper connection to them?

This is what you can do for them: TRUST. Trust that you are receiving your pet’s messages to you. Trust that you are hearing them. Trust what you are feeling. Feel confident in your own communication with your animal companion. 

In this video course, How To Truly Trust What Your Pets Are Saying, I share 4 ways you may be blocking your own communication with your pet and give solutions on how you can start to clear each one. Please don’t put this off, your pets are waiting for you to connect with them on this level. Being an Animal Communicator, I know that if you apply these methods and connect with your own pets, they will feel it. And you, in turn, will feel even more connected.

Click the button below to get access to this course as my gift to you.

A Gift For You
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